Joni Chu Chai Yin



Dispute Management Service

Adjudicator & Arbitrator

Ms Joni Chu has over 30 years of working experience in the construction, engineering and oil & gas industries in various corporate financial accounting and project cost accounting roles, as well as performing procurement, tendering, estimating and co-ordination duties during her employment with local and multinational companies. With the wide-ranging experience gained throughout her career Joni is able to quickly understand the cost accounting structure of construction and engineering related businesses, where her insight is vital to unraveling the complex cost data often encountered on major construction projects.

Joni is skilled in forensic analysis of cost accounting records and data in identifying or verifying relevant cost heads for direct loss and expense related to delay and disruption cost claims, as well as site and head office overhead costs, asset depreciation, cost escalation, loss profits and financing cost claims commonly associated with claims for damages arising from construction contract disputes.

By detailed assessment and cost modeling techniques, Joni can conduct a technical audit by a complete examination of all financial transactions during the life-cycle of a construction contract in order to establish the relevant facts and costs. She provides valuable support to our dispute resolution team in determining the appropriate quantum of dispute.

A Public Accountant (Australia), Incorporated Financial Accountant (UK) and a Certified Accountant in Malaysia, Joni is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants Australia, the Institute of Financial Accountants UK, the International Association of Accounting Professionals UK, the Association of Certified Accountants Malaysia, the Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Malaysian Society of Adjudicators, a Member of the Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants Canada,  the Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia, the Society of Construction Law Malaysia and the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators.

Joni is the head of case management of our firm where she manage our procedural communications and submissions between the parties and tribunal. She is certified to act as Adjudicator for statutory adjudication under the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act (CIPAA) in Malaysia, as well as a Panel Arbitrator of the Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Joni is also empaneled to act as Adjudicator by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, the Adjudicator Nominating Body under the Hong Kong Security of Payment Scheme for Public Works Contracts and the Hong Kong Security of Payment Ordinance.

Joni is a Partner at Contract Solutions i PLT Malaysia.

Joni Chu